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Full steam ahead since 1903

Our goal is to create an inspirational living room for Helsinki residents and their guests from near and far.

A place that brings people together in an atmosphere of creativity and fun. A place that combines workspaces with sports, theatre, music, unique events, inspiring food and drink. A place that is bubbling with ideas and life in the day and at night.

We want to be the new destination — where a visit is a reward in itself.

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The Train Factory will be full of culture, well-being, sports, shopping, events, entertainment and much, much more. Find out what is already open.

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The renewed Wihuri Metro-tukku will be opening a restaurant wholesale flagship for Helsinki at The Train Factory.

Our Story

The Train Factory, Valila, is an integral part of the industrial heritage of Helsinki and Finland.

Founded in 1903, the factory built VR’s passenger and goods wagons until the 1990s, and they played a key role in e.g. in the payment of war reparations and in the post-war industrialization of Finland. But ‘Konepaja’ was not just a company. It was like a miniature city. A community whose shared stories and pastimes, numerous clubs and unique workshop spirit led to beers after the work day, joint vacations, and lifelong friendships.

As an industrial building complex, The Train Factory is unique, a gem of its era. Fast forward to 2016, and the industrial area of The Train Factory was discovered by the former US ambassador Bruce Oreck and his business partners. They saw the possibilities of the area and want to raise it to a new flourishing, a new and exciting cultural centre that respects its past.

The goal is nothing less than to create a new landmark that the whole city can proudly present – Helsinki’s new living room.