The Train Factory Welcomes Whitepoint Digital

The Train Factory in the Konepaja area now has a powerful development on the tenant front. The area and the Train Factory combine a fascinating history and an exciting future.

Train Factory now welcomes Whitepoint Digital’s unique film concept.

The Whitepoint Cinema will be a unique destination for film lovers and culture enthusiasts. During the day, the space functions as a post-production facility and a top-class colour-sorting studio. In the evenings and weekends, the cinema opens its doors to the public, organizes film screenings, interesting film-related events and much more.

Project manager Jussi Myllyniemi says: “As professionals in the film industry, we understand the importance of producing an exceptional film experience. Films are presented to our audience exactly as the filmmakers intended, preserving their artistic vision and ensuring an immersive viewing experience.”

In addition to movie screenings, the concept includes a restaurant and entertainment bar, and a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks is available. The menu serves different tastes and preferences.

Managing Director Cameron Sawyer states: “As the owners of The Train Factory, we know the importance of developing the Konepaja area and the responsibility that comes with this historic building. Whitespace Digital is an excellent example of our dedication to the local community. By offering industry-leading post-production facilities, we welcome the global film community to Helsinki. This space then becomes a focal point for locals who are invited to participate in the space for leisure purposes. By having a cinema among our tenants, Train Factory takes a big step towards Konepaja cultural centre.

Construction work will begin in the fall of 2023 and the space will be opened to the public in early 2024. There will be about 40 seats on the big screen. About 15 permanent jobs will be created. There will be about 250m2 of space and a 90m2 terrace in the summer.

Jussi Myllyniemi continues: “Train Factory has a fascinating history, and we are excited when our unique concept flourishes as part of Train Factory’s inspiring whole. We firmly believe that our vision fits perfectly into the core of this remarkable location. Our goal is to create a comfortable and inspiring space not only for local residents but also for visitors from around the world. Our goal is to bring the spirit and atmosphere of New York and Brooklyn to Helsinki.