Lidl in Helsinki’s Vallila opens its doors in November

The opening date of the Lidl store in Vallila, Helsinki has been confirmed. Lidl, renovated in a traditional machine shop building, will open on November 3, 2022 at 7 a.m. Lidl will move to a new location in Pasila, where the store will close its doors after Vallila is completed.

Lidl’s construction work in Helsinki’s Vallila, at the old Konepaja, is well underway. The long-awaited new store in the more than a hundred-year-old old machine shop will be opened to customers on Thursday, November 3.

Store manager Sanna Viitanen is moving with her team to Vallila, a stone’s throw away from the Pasila store, which will close its doors after the new store is completed. Lidl in Pasila will be open for the last time on Tuesday, November 1. Lidl also has a store in the shopping center Tripla.

The opening of Vallila’s new store has been awaited in the area for a long time. We are excited about the new location and I hope that our customers will come to see our wonderful new store and make it their own. Our same familiar staff is waiting for those who have done business in Pasila in a new framework and at a new address, store manager Viitanen says.

Vallila’s Lidl is special because the characteristics of the old building must be taken into account when building the store. The site, which is under the protection of the Finnish Museum Agency, is implemented respecting the old building and, for example, the floor of the store is made of concrete instead of tiles. However, the general appearance of the store is the familiar light of the newest Lidl stores.

Despite the historical milieu, we are opening a modern store where the services are today. In the Vallila store, our customers will be able to use, for example, a parcel machine and smart self-service cash registers that speed up transactions, which were not yet available in the Pasila store, Viitanen advises.

The store in Vallila has a total of 1100 square meters, which is about 50 square meters more than in Pasila. Opening hours in Vallila will also be longer than now: weekdays 7am–10pm, Saturdays 8am–9pm and Sundays 10am–9pm.