Proposals of Train Factory competition in Pasila now on display

A hotel and headquarters-type office space are being planned to replace the electric train hall located in the area of ​​the Pasila machine shop. The owner of the property, The Train Factory Oy, has organized an architectural competition for the design of the new building. Five architectural offices were invited to the international Train Factory competition organized in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and the Finnish Architects’ Association SAFA. 

The goal of the competition is to find a design solution where more efficient construction than the current one becomes a natural part of the site-planned ensemble of the Pasila engineering workshop and the historically valuable environment. At the same time, the new building should form part of the developing workplace and downtown area of ​​the Teollisuuskatu axis, and improve the quality and connections of the area’s pedestrian environment. The proposal selected as the winner serves as the starting point for the area’s site plan change. 

Tell us your opinion about the competition entries on 23.10. by 

The presentation texts of the proposals are in Finnish and English, the actual competition proposals are prepared in English. Tell me what is good in the proposals and what should be further developed. 

You can view proposals from the following aspects, for example:

• What is successful in the competition proposal? 

• Which part would still require development?   

• Does the presented plan fit into the historically valuable area of ​​the Pasila machine shop?

• Does the presented plan support the development of the Teollisuuskatu area as a key workplace area and as an extension of the core city center?

• What kind of activities and services do you need in the area?  

• Would the proposal, if implemented, bring a pleasant pedestrian environment to the area?  

• Vote for your favorite plan. What do you think is the best competition proposal?

The comments received through the survey will be given to the jury before the winner is selected at the end of October 2022. The winning proposal serves as the basis for preparing future site plans. The zoning of the area will continue after the competition is resolved with the preparation of a site plan proposal, and the progress of the zoning will be announced in early winter 2023.